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WaJuFo Sports Investment Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as WaJuFo Sports) is a private enterprise that has developed and operated as a group company. WaJuFo Sports has responded to the national call for the development of the green and healthy sports industry. Always adhering to the goal of “All in one mind, Gathering talents with virtue,Fame cross the world, with the aim of business-to-business, honest-to-do as its objective, environmental protection, energy saving, safety, and comfort are used as materials for R&D and production. With the concept of “Integrity, Innovation, Cooperation, and Development as the operating principle, the company has organized WaJuFo Sports Investment Company, project maintenance company, sports development company, sports science and technology company, industrial development company, and property management through optimization of resource allocation and local conditions. The company has invested and operated in the fields of technology research and development of sports products, production of sports venue materials, marketing, venue operations and event planning, and has strived to become an entrepreneurial and innovative enterprise that serves the integration of the sports industry.


WaJuFo Sports, founded in 2003, is headquartered in Fuzhou, Fujian. The founder and president of the company, Mr. Zhang Zuai, has 15 years of experience in project management and entrepreneurship in the sports industry. He is the Secretary General of Fujian Sports Facilities Industry Association and Fujian Sports Industry Association. Deputy Director of Sports Venue Technical Committee, Vice Chairman of Fujian Province Southeast Economic Development Promotion Research Association, Vice President of Fuzhou Economic Development Zone Enterprise Association, Vice Chairman of Fujian University of Technology Alumni Association, Deputy Director of Fujian Provincial Educational Equipment Association School Sports Branch President and other social positions. Mr. Zhang Zuai led a total of more than 60 scientific research teams and operating teams. The team has the same goals, clear division of responsibilities, full cooperation, mutual trust, familiarity with sports stadiums and tournament operations, and good at sports venues material production, research and development, and construction. Formed the team strength of WaJuFo Sports.


Adhering to the core values of “Principal-respecting, diligence and kindness, and creating win-win results,” WaJuFo Sports has accumulated product level to explore product features and innovations. The scale of operations continues to expand, and its core competitiveness continues to increase. The company’s registered capital is RMB 1080 billion. There are 5 subsidiary companies and 4 standard production bases (JianOu, Minhou, Quanzhou, and Jiangsu). The total area of the plant is about 55,000 square meters, with an annual production capacity of up to 5 million square meters of shock pad, and  infilling granule is  fifty of thousands of tons, 10,000 tons of athletic track particles, corporate brand is a well-known brand in the domestic sports industry, the company's products have been recognized and respected by the market. With good reputation and strong sense of social responsibility, WaJuFo sports performance has significantly improved in recent years, which further boosted the confidence and momentum of innovation in the sports industry.


The company has shown a group development. Each affiliated company complements each other and cooperates with each other. Each business is closely centered on the integration of WaJuFo Sports Industry. WanJuFo Sports comprehensively utilizes new technology tools such as mobile internet, cloud computing, and internet of things to integrate the diversity of its subsidiaries and form a “group structure and development in multiple fields” to promote enterprises to continuously improve their professionalism. And service functions, intensive, cross-application resources, closely integrated with various domestic and international sports field project requirements, maximizing the integration of innovation factors into the sports industry, continuing to create a corporate innovation atmosphere, and promoting WaJuFo's enterprising and win-win culture.


For many years, WaJuFo Sports has been working diligently to build an honest brand of civilized and environmentally-friendly materials, and has obtained the “Most Influential Brand in China's Sports Industry”, “Double Guaranteed Demonstration Unit of Quality and Credit”, “Outstanding Green Products for China”, and “ "China's independent innovation products" and many other honors. Mr. Zhang Zuai, the President, actively promotes and participates in many high-quality and positive energy industry summit forums, and is committed to boosting the green and intelligent development of sports facilities industry products. As an innovative manufacturing enterprise for venue materials in the Chinese sports industry, WaJuFo Sports is also honored to be a member of the China Association of Sporting Goods Enterprises, a member unit of the Equipment and Facilities Branch of the China Stadium Association, and a member of the Shandong Turf Sports Standards Committee; Provincial sports venues composite materials surface layer standards committee editorial units, Hunan Province, Jiangxi Province, Yunnan Province, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Shanxi Province, Chongqing City, Shanghai and other provinces and municipal sports facilities industry associations.


WaJufo Sports has established a joint research and development center with top research institutes and university laboratories at home and abroad to upgrade the company's products to higher quality. It is committed to becoming a well-known intelligent sports industry-based production enterprise at home and abroad; WaJuFo Sports has always been centered on providing customers with more quality and cheaper services, focused on outstanding resources in the market, based on domestic, global outlook, and progressed to a broader international market.


Pass on the value of sports to create a healthy future. WaJuFo-people will unswervingly strive harder to lead and create a new era of continuous advancement of fortune with the spirit of excellence and meticulous craftsmanship.


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