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Green 3-leaf Infilling Granule WFKL-121

Product Description

Item code: WFKL-121

Design of 3-leaf and 4-leaf, these are high quality products which meets FIFA standard, be made of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)


Product Specifications:

Product Name:Three leaves

Material:Advanced material-thermoplastic rubber

Grain diameter: 3mm*3mm

Specific weight rate: 1.3

Softness: A45 Shao

Odor: None

Virulence: None

Color: natural color, can be customized

Certificates: SGS, LABOSPORT


 Advantages of TPE infills VS Black particles(SBR):

1. 100% Eco-friendly

2. Recycled

3. Excludes hazardous substances

4.Without odorous smell

5. Colorful

6.Good compatibility with lawn system

7.Without any dust and grain which be harmful to the athlete

8.Unique design which is more efficient infilling for same square area.

9.Heat Resistance

10.Good recovery and shock absorption

11.Non-slip material

12.No Oil Migration

13.UV5000 hours aging test



Passed by SGS 173 Substances(SVHC) - Test

Passed by SGS Allergy Test

Passed by SGS Heavy Metal control - Test

Passed by LABOSPORT UV5000 hours aging Test

Passed by LABOSPORT Toxicology Test 


Test report:

173 substances(SVHC) - Test report by SGS

According to the specified scope and evaluation screening, the test results of SVHC are<0.1% (w/w) in the submitted sample.


Allergy test - by SGS

Test Requested : Animal irritation test.

Test Method: ISO 10993-10: 2010. Biological evaluation of medical devices. Part10: Tests for irritation and skin sensitization[S].

Test Summary : Under this experimental condition, the sample Environmental protection elastic filler particles is negligible onto rabbits' skin.


Heavy Metal control - Test report by SGS

Pass the determine Migration of Certain Elements in the selected parts on the submitted sample(s)with reference to EN 71-3:2013+A1:2014.

TO determine VOCS emission from the submitted sample(s) result MDL:5


TPE Anti-UV 5000 hours

Passed by LABOSPORT 

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