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Brazilian Enterprise Delegation visits Fujian for Business Communication

2019-07-31 09:36:00 times views

On July 31, 2019, members of the International Trade Department of Fujian Wajufo Sports Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the exchange conference of representatives of environmental protection enterprises jointly organized by the Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce and the Environment Department, Labor Department and Finance Department of Pernambuco, Brazil.





The main purpose of the meeting was to bring business import and export opportunities to the companies of both countries through the government departments of the two countries and the Environment Agency. Pernambuco is located in the northeast of Brazil and is one of the 26 states.


Brazil and China are both BRICS countries. As representatives of emerging market economies, the two countries have shown a positive macro market economy in the past 20 years of economic development.


A total of 24 representative companies from Brazil participated in the meeting. The list of environmental protection companies in Fujian included: Fujian Wajufo Sports Technology Co., Ltd., Fujian Newland Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Fujian Xiamen Jinlong Automobile Group Co., Ltd. and other 16 Chinese companies representatives attended. The agenda of the China Business meeting is divided into three parts: a speech by the representatives of the two sides, a PPT promotion meeting for exporting products, and an exchange of views between the companies.




Wajufo Company is committed to the sports green industry. The company's products include: artificial turf, shock pad, TPE infilling granules, ETPE granules for running track. Wajufo is a professional supplier of football field materials integrating R&D, sales and service. Brazil is a big football country in Latin America. Football has a deep history and a very good record of World Cup. Its world-class superstars are: Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. , Kaka, Robinho, Robert Carlos, Baptista, Maicon, Louis Fabiano, Alves, Rossio, Pato, Gomez, etc.


Brazilian football brings more transcendence and exciting moments to the World Cup, while Wajufo Company brings quality and transcendence and green security to every football field. 


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